Catalyst For Change

Andrea Dudley


Whether it's a small change or a life transformation, Andrea finds so much joy in helping others discover their true place in this world. She considers herself a transformation coach and speaker, but really she's so much more. When it comes to new ideas and God-given purposes, she's an enthusiastic leader who inspires others to bring their visions to life. From personal dilemmas to relationship drama, Andrea is absolutely dedicated to coming alongside others and helping them find love and beauty in all things. Contentment. Radiance. Joy. That's what she wants for everyone.

Her undeniable passion for people and her holistic-faith based approach embodies a bold message of empowerment, inspiration, and spirituality that is a catalyst for success and accomplishment. As the CEO of Habakkuk Publishing, Andrea has also helped over 130 people became newly published authors and her signature writing and publishing program, Birth Your Book In 90 days, effectively (and simply!) teaches authors how to self-publish their work.

A dynamic and creative speaker, you can find Andrea featured in the BEST Conference, SOAR women’s conference, and W.I.L conference. She has an acute sense of empathy and a level of spiritual sensitivity that can zero in on the unique needs of her audience and meet them where they are. Because of this, women always leave changed. Inspired. Ready for their destinies.

She is also a profound leader with vast network marketing skills and a beautiful singer. Her voice has literally taken her around the world as she's performed everywhere from South Africa to Greece and so many places between.

No matter where she goes or what she's doing, however, the heart of her message stays with her. Andrea firmly believes that we need to invest in another person’s vision to truly succeed. This is why she joined the volunteer staff for the Radical Success Institute with Steve Harvey and Doreen Rainey and commits herself to always giving back and helping others live their dreams. When it comes down to it, Andrea is a lover of life and people. Merging those two things together, she is a passionate speaker and transformation coach who fully devotes herself to everyone who crosses her path. Because it's in helping others shine that we find our own true strength and beauty as well.