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I am a heart-centered person who wants to make a difference by helping people improve their lives! THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about our services. You may be asking yourself, What is a Hope Coach and what does a Hope Coach do? I’m glad you asked. A positive mindset is essential in restoring hope. We are here to offer encouragement and to support people who are facing difficult times. Hope is not in a person, accomplishments, a dream house, great health, or material accumulations. Hope comes from the Lord, and its purpose is to give everyone an internal source of strength no matter what they are facing.

Psalm 25:3 says, No one whose hope is in You will be put to shame.”


Let us help to get you to restored Hope!

You are not alone!

Our specialties include:

  1. Interracial Relationships

  2. Marriage Recovery

  3. Family Relationships

  4. Premarital Coaching

  5. Grief Support

  6. Co-parenting Support

Married 40 years Andrea brings wisdom, strength and knowledge to her clients

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