Prayer, the Pandemic and the Promise

 The Power of a Praying Man in Perilous Times

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Habakkuk Publishing is pleased to announce it’s newest anthology titled, LEVEL UP: Prayer, the Pandemic and the Promise;

The Power of a Praying Man in Perilous Times.


This anthology, spearheaded by Michael Dudley, former chaplain for the Milwaukee Bucks and business strategist, is sure to be a blessing to those who read it.  It will focus on the power of prayer, and it will encourage men (in particular) to develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord. 

The time has come for men to gather, stand in the gap, and petition heaven. We are called to lead, protect, serve, and be demonstrators of God's power on the Earth.  Our families, communities, and our nation needs for their husbands, sons and fathers to step up to the plate and become men who pray. 


America is experiencing dark days and one of the keys needed to navigate the pandemic, racial injustices and these dark and perilous days is prayer. Brothers let’s stand together and begin to declare what God has decreed because when men pray God listens and lives are changed!


Michael invites you to submit your story as a co-author in LEVEL UP: Prayer, the Pandemic and the Promise; The Power of a Praying Man in Perilous Times.


Are you a man of prayer that has witnessed the power of having a disciplined life of prayer?

           Do you want to encourage men to pray?

Do you have a story to share of how, through prayer, Holy Spirit gave you divine strength and supernatural insight to overcome a real life situation?

If so, Michael invites you to rise up to tell your story for his glory.

This book will be compromised of co-authors sharing about the power of prayer. 


Co-Authors are encouraged to submit their true stories of how they’ve said Lord teach us to pray. 

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