Step 4 of the 8 step Transformational process

Step Four: Activate Your New Life

Faith is voice activated.

Faith is not a gift like peace, where you simply receive it. Faith takes you actively opening your mouth and speaking what you are expecting to come to pass. Say it until you see it. Speak your new life until you see it. It is not enough to believe it in your heart, you have to say it and then you have to take action and work your plan.

Faith without works is dead. In order to see your life transformed into the life you desire you must activate your faith. You must do things you have never done.

The word, activate, means to set in motion; make active or more active. To act is the process of doing or performing something. Whenever you get a new phone or a new debit or credit card you have to activate it. Activating a credit card is fairly easy and you can do so by either going to an ATM machine and swiping your card or by calling the designated telephone number. The point is that you have to do something in order to activate it.

You have to do something in order to get your new life moving forward. Activating your new life is like learning how to ride a bicycle. No matter how beautiful or expensive it is, you have got to get on it, balance yourself, pedal, learn how to use the brakes, and steer all at the same time. It requires specific actions. It is the same with attaining your new life. Believe it, speak it, and then take action to fulfill it.

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