The Eight-Step Transformation Process

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Today, I'm sharing my Eight Step Transformation Process. I wrote a book about this process a few years ago. The material is so relevant. I have found myself referring to it over and over. In this article I share what the process is about, and I list the name of each step. If you'd like to get started prior to me sharing the step, order an E-book, that I've published on Amazon. Let's get to it!
The Eight-step Transformation Process:

· Step One: Know the Truth
· Step Two: Transform Your Mind
· Step Three: Determine What You Really Want
· Step Four: Activate Your New Life
· Step Five: Be Open-Minded
· Step Six: Give
· Step Seven: Be All In
· Step Eight: Walk in New Beginnings

The Eight-step Transformational Process (8STP) is a spiritual system designed to be completed in a sequential process, which when followed properly will give you tremendous blessings beyond belief. You will be renewed spirit, soul, and body. The number eight is associated with new beginnings, resurrection, and regeneration. When you go through the 8STP you will experience change and transition from the old life into a new life filled with abundance, light, love, and peace. New beginnings are yours today.

Although I have followed this process for many years, it was after reading Kay Haugen’s book, From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse, that I was I inspired to develop my own system and to teach it to others. There are countless thousands of people who are living the life of their dreams by applying the principles of this eight-step process and many thousands upon thousands who will use the 8STP to see their lives transformed into the life that they have always dreamed of.

Each of the eight steps is important and must be completed in the order that they were created. It is very important to not put the cart before the horse, as it were. Following the 8STP exactly as it is designed will open the door to a wellspring of undiscovered potential. There is a method to how the system is put together. Each step is necessary for advancement and must be completed in concert with the other steps. Missing or skipping a step will not give you the desired results.
In order to achieve the highest level of success with this program there must be total commitment from you. What you put in you will get out. You will reap exactly what you sow. I urge you to follow the program to the greatest extent that you can.

Your life is what it is today because of the thoughts and actions that you have taken. Your life is the manifestation of your belief system. If you are completely satisfied with where you are in life, what you have achieved and attained, and do not want anything more, you may not need to continue reading. However, if you know that there is more for you in this life, continue on with the 8STP and you will begin to experience the most amazing life.
If you are committed to seeing change in your life, then you are in for a radical transformation.

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