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Catalyst For Change

Andrea Dudley



Unleashing the Ability to Speak Prophetically with Clarity, Courage & Confidence


Desire Earnestly to Prophesy

We are encouraged to earnestly pursue love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. Are you ready for more? Are you ready to advance the kingdom of God as never before? Are you ready to hear from God in keener sensitivity than ever for yourself and for others?


Do you want to develop your
Ability to Speak Prophetically with Clarity, Courage & Confidence?


           How the Prophetic Prowess came about...Andrea Dudley

Thank you for joining me and my guest on the Prophetic Prowess: Unleashing the Ability to Speak Prophetically with Clarity, Courage & Confidence. Michael and I, along with our youngest son, Solomon, were driving back from New York, after having spent a few days celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. To be quite honest I didn't understand what was meant by Prophetic Prowess so I did what most would do, I Googled the word "prowess", I already understood the word, "prophetic".  I actually don't ever recall using the word "prowess". Here is the definition, according to Vocabulary.com. Prowess means exceptional skill or ability...a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation. An earlier meaning of this word is exceptional bravery in battle, or a specific act of bravery. I was in awe as I put the two words together...Prophetic Prowess...the ability to speak word the Lord is saying with clarity, courage and confidence. So I was instructed to gather prophets together to teach and train others how to release the word of the Lord without fear, hesitation or misunderstanding. I got very excited. So I reached out to some of the prophets I keep company with and invited them to join me.

Speaker, author, publisher and transformation coach. A Catalyst for change,  www.andreadudley.com

              I used to be afraid to speak what I felt the Lord telling me to say...Andrea

How marvelous it is to be able to receive a direct, clear, prophetic Word from the Lord for someone else! As believers we should edify and build each other up. I know how I've felt when someone released a prophetic word for me that gave me directions with something specific that I was dealing with. God wants this for all of us! To be able to encourage and bless each other through the words of life that we speak. 


Engaging, Inspiring, Power-Packed Sessions Designed to Help Activate You

Prophet Michael Dudley is a professor for a Fortune 500 company. He teaches leaders from around the world important. He is also a market place prophet who relishes in helping to advance the kingdom of God. He is married to Andrea and the father of three adult children and grandfather of one. www.globalempact.org
Prophet Joseph Waller has been ministering the Word of the Lord to many nearly 25 years. Born in Los Angeles, California. In 1991 the Lord spoke to his servant and said, "I have called you to be a Prophet to the nations." Since that time this servant of the Lord has been anointed to challenge and empower the people of God to walk in present truth.
Bishop Will Thornton, prophet to the nations. Pastor, author, husband, consultant, and father. Dr. Thornton is the Senior Leader of King of Kings International, in Taylor Michigan, USA. He’s married to the beautiful Lady Ericka.  And adores his three children. http://kingofkingsinternational.org

Pastor Tiara Curry and her husband Warren, are the founders of Life Changers Church International, a global ministry organization that has impacted countless lives of people over the years through its teachings, writings, conferences, workshops and ministry training.. Wife, mother, sister and intercessor.


Pastor Evaughn High, speaker, author, psalmist. director, playwright, designer, entrepreneur, wife, and mother.

Sisterlocks Consultant at Eve's Locks
Psalmist at No Milddle Ground Worship Center, Inc. Sang at the White House as a teen. 


Prophet Warren  and his wife Tiara,

are the founders of Life Changers

Church International, a global ministry

organization that has impacted

countless lives of people over

the years through its teachings,

writings, conferences,

workshops and ministry training.



Our goal is to activate you. What We'll Teach...

Building A Foundation
The Gifts of the Spirit
The difference between the office of the prophet and the gift of prophesy
The power of prophesy
What do you hear?
Praying to birth the prophetic word in your life

"But he who prophesies speaks edification, and exhortation, and comfort to men." We will define them in their verb forms:

» Edify: to increase another's faith or morality; to instruct or benefit; to improve spiritually.

» Exhort: to urge; to persuade earnestly; to caution.

» Comfort: to console; to cheer; to encourage.

"Therefore, desire earnestly to prophesy . . ." —I Corinthians 14:39

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Can't make all 6 LIVE sessions? Don't worry, a replay of each session is being offered. We know that everyone won't be able to participate in the LIVE classes. 48 hours after the conference ends the replays will be available for instant access. The ebook will be available after the conference. It will include information not included in the conference. The replays will be accessible indefinitely. You will want to review and replay these sessions over and over.